Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Just had a quick scan over new and promising news satire site NewsBiscuit.com - heir apparent to the dear, departed Brains Trust along with Bent & Twisted - and among the many amusing articles is the headline "Slovakia and Slovenia are different countries - official. More soon" and it reminded me of an incident from a while back.
Working for Yorkshire Electricity at the time (other energy suppliers are available), we had a big meter monitoring project to roll out and as each region completed, we took the engineers out for some grub, a beer and stuff. In Hull we organised a bowling night, as was the style at the time, and as part of the 'fun' there were occasional quiz questions for which the first person to answer correctly got some free drinks. Among the questions was "which two countries were formed from the break-up of Czechoslovakia?" 'Easy', I thought and as no-one else seemed to be going up to the desk to offer the answer, went for it myself.
"Czech Republic and Slovakia" I said, fully expecting my reward.
"No, sorry" said the youth. Obviously I wasn't going to take this lying down.
"Yes it is"
"No, that's not what it says here"
"So what does it say?"
"I can't tell you that"
"Look. CZECH. SLOVAKIA. Czechoslovakia" I insisted with exaggerated hand movements to express how the two 'new' nations could conceivably come together to form Czechoslovakia.
Another chap came up to the desk in the meantime and said "Is it the Czech Republic and Slovenia?"
"Correct!" said the youth.
"No he isn't" I started to say before realising I was pissing in the wind.

And it still irks me....

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