Friday, October 14, 2011

Listing heavily

So many things are going through my head that I can't quite focus my on any one thing. There's only one remedy for that and that's to make lists.

Things that are really winding me up:

  • Prices up 18%, profit margins up 733% in the same period. I maintain that anything you consider fundamental to your way of life - and taking electricity away would require a massive change in the way we all live - should be a public service, not a profit motive
  • Liam Fox, up to his fucking eyes on it
  • Oliver Letwin and his inability to shred
  • Unelected body passing mandate-free legislation to destroy something good that everyone benefits from
  • The BCCI
  • Libraries - it's not libraries themselves that annoy, rather the short-sighted closure thereof. They'll be extremely difficult to get back once they're gone.
  • Ian Duncan Smith's intemperate language as people who are bearing the brunt of someone else's problem take a stance
  • Another £75bn of QE that we won't get back
  • The failure of the Charities Commission's challenge to private schools regarding charity status and the fact they serve no charitable purpose at all, just use it as a tax dodge
  • Ian Ayre and Liverpool FC for their 'I'm alright Jack' attitude. Fuck you and the horse you rode in on
  • Cuts to our national broadcaster. If - a big if - you accept the need for cutbacks, then the things that other broadcasters do, and do well like talent shows, should be first to go and the things that other broadcasters can't/won't do should stay. Like BBC4, BBC6music, county cricket commentaries and many other things.

Things I'm not annoyed about:

  • The Blackberry outage. It was mildly inconvenient not being able to check twitter while I was in the pub on Tuesday night, but you know what, I managed.
  • Wayne Rooney's ban. Couldn't give a flying one

Things I'm actively happy about:

And breathe.

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