Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Agent of change

I've had a funny old year work-wise insofar as I've now changed jobs - reasons too long and boring to go into here - twice. The first time took three months from leaving one to finding another, a period in which I sent out about 150 applications. The second time took two months and about 120 applications. Both times, I managed to get one interview from all those applications and by some twist of luck and fate, the one interview was enough.
What was different about both of those was that the application went to the company directly without the use of a recruitment agency.
There's a moral in the story there somewhere.

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Anonymous said...

I have also done a bit of job hopping in the past 18 months (3 jobs). One redundancy, one resignation and the one I'm in now. Jobs 1 and 3 which I liked were found through agencies, job 2 which I wasn't particularly fond of was via an acquaintance with no outside parties involved.

I think smaller companies have to use agencies because they're not as visible as the bigger employers and the chances of someone "happening" upon their website and seeing their job advert are small.