Tuesday, September 13, 2011

ProGlide Challenge

Why does everything have to be a mission or a challenge in modern television advertising? Gillette are the current focus of my ire for their Fusion ProGlide challenge in which a bunch of blokes jump out of the back of a van and storm the changing rooms in a gym. This is already suspicious enough.

In there, three hapless stooges are shaving. Now, as anyone who knows me will attest, I'm not familiar with the inner workings of a gymnasium, but is shaving in the changing rooms that common? I suspect not, but would welcome insight from someone better informed. These shavers all seem to have dull blades, complaining as they do about the never-before-mentioned phenomenon of 'tug and pull'. Needless to say, adopting the new mega-blade razor solves this problem and all is well with the world.
But no. What those blokes are experiencing is a blunt razor. Put a new blade in and you'll be sorted boys. Or, if you're using disposables, lob it and get a fresh one out. You don't need five blades and an aloe vera moisturising strip. If your face is wet and you've got soap on it, it will neither tug nor pull unless you're trying to shave whilst wearing boxing gloves. And you don't need some weirdo and his mates bursting out of the back of a van to tell you that.

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