Thursday, September 08, 2011

Never wrong

I have worked out the right's tactics, both here in Blighty and in the States. Probably elsewhere too, but we don't get to hear too much about that here.

Anyway, in attempting to never be wrong, they simply contradict themselves at every turn. 250 vote defeat in the Commons? Claim it as a win. Virulently anti-abortion? Claim you're pro-choice. Not got the support of any major medical union for your reforms of the NHS? Claim that you do with enough bluster as to make it sound believable. Free-marketeer? Claim welfare is a Ponzi scheme.

And on it goes.
The coalition government in the UK and the Republicans in the US are both masters of this, presumably on the basis that once it's written about, it can't be unwritten no matter how many contradictions are subsequently published. It's a cynical and depressing tactic and that's why it has a greater than 60% chance of working.

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