Tuesday, April 05, 2011

A march to save satire

The current government couldn't have been a more cartoonish set of old Etonians if they tried. Every policy is out of the Hooded Claw book of evil plans and every public utterance so unbelievably crass - witness Oliver Letwin's comments about people from Sheffield and holidays - that it's impossible to satirise.

Their supporters, too, are equally in on the act. Witness the pro-cuts rally whereby people who are completely unaffected by debt campaign against debt while condemning future students to enormous debt.

What they've done is take satire in-house, rendering thousands of satirists redundant. Those communities that rely on satire as their principle source of income are being hit tremendously hard. Satire mines and processing factories are closing at an alarming rate with no regard to the knock-on effects for the overall economy. If it continues at this rate, this country will be a net importer of satire well before the end of this parliament and, as we've seen with manufacturing, once those skills are lost, it's incredibly difficult to get them back.

I therefore propose a march to save satire from these people who don't really know what they're doing with it. The government and their supporters must be forced to use flowery, obfuscating language so satirists can go about their business as before and not be reduced to pointing at headlines going "look. Just... look".

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