Friday, January 29, 2010


Ashley Cole, professional obnoxious footballer, has been banned from driving and handed a £1000 fine after being found guilty of driving at over 100mph in a 50mph zone. Cole's barristers have asked for 21 days for him to pay.

Now, in his not-very-much feted autobiography, Cole describes how Arsenal's offer of £60,000 per week - up from his previous deal of £55,000 - caused him to almost swerve off the road when his agent told him about it, reacting with the phrase "they're taking the piss". He subsequently moved to Chelsea, presumably for many more used fifties per week.

So, even at the £60,000 per week he claimed was a piss-take, it would take him three hours, seven and a half minutes to earn £1000 (assuming a 37.5 hour week, 5 days per week). So why the 21 day request (which barristers did laugh at, according to that report)?

I expect a question along these lines to be on the next maths GCSE

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