Monday, December 14, 2009

Smacked in the leathery face

A 73-year old man was assaulted in Milan on Sunday, suffering broken teeth and a fracture to the nose. This would normally be bad news and one that could lead to discussions about societal decline and all that malarkey.

This is different, however, as the 73-year old in question is Silvio Berlusconi. That man is a sympathy vacuum, as well as being a crook of quite incredible proportions. It would be striking how little the expression on his face seemed to have changed after being smacked in the face, but he's so botoxed up these days that it comes as no surprise. Indeed, he probably didn't feel anything anyway.

He was hit in the face by a souvenir model of Milan cathedral, which in itself has to mean something. The assailant must explain himself, otherwise we'll have to assume he's an architecture fan who was vehement in his views that the sheer majesty of the building strikes you right between the eyes.

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