Thursday, December 03, 2009


It's a simple word is 'adequate'. Quite adequately, it sums up what it is to be of an acceptable level. Except in government circles, that is.
Today, it's reported that one in four care homes for the elderly is rated adequate. Any normal person would think that's OK, but with obvious room for improvement. Not so. Criticism for being merely adequate rages, not just in care, but also education where teachers receiving an adequate rating are made to feel bottom of the tree.
I'm not arguing that standards shouldn't be pushed up, but use terms that mean what they say. If things are sub-standard, say so. Don't call them adequate if what you mean is that they're not. I'm making a stand for language.

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The Missus said...

Is the education thing because you were actually listening to me whilst I've been ranting for so many years? How long will it take for my ranting about washing left in the machine, and not pegged out, to take effect? It's not like I don't leave a note.

A very detailed note... X