Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Use your vote, please

It's election day tomorrow. The last time we had European elections, the turnout was 22%. If it gets within five points of that tomorrow, it'll be a minor miracle, such is the disillusionment felt across the country in the light of the expenses row that's pretty much hamstrung politics for a couple of weeks or more now (oh god please make it stop).

And that resultant apathy is completely understandable and reasonable and I expect the turnout to reflect it. However... There's always a however. When you get tiny turnouts, it means those on the fringes of serious politics suddenly get a louder voice than would otherwise be the case. Yes, the fascist twats of the BNP have been pushing their filth through letterboxes across the country and while I don't think Britain will actually return a jackbooted tosser to Brussels, any significant proportion of the vote will give them the oxygen of publicity that we could all do without. The oxygen of oxygen is too good for them, but there's not much that you or I can do about that. The publicity thing, however, we can. Please get out and vote. It is important, and any vote for someone other than the fascists is a vote for the freedoms we all hold dear.

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