Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Dear Manchester

Hello Manchester. How you doing?

Now I know we've not always got on, mainly because it always bloody rains over by you, but I'd like you to hear me out. Later this year, you'll have the option to register interest for an ID card. Can I ask that you don't?

Here's what happens. You register an interest on a website and will then be told how to go about getting your card. Then you'll need to submit fingerprints and a photo and cough up some cash. This is capped at £30 for two years, but after that, don't worry. The home secretary says the final price will be "competitive". Difficult to see how she reaches that conclusion. If it's compulsory, then it's not very competitive at all, as there'd be no choice. If it's voluntary, then I'd suggest not getting a card would be more competitive as that would cost sod all.

If the scheme is ultimately to be voluntary, then there is no point anybody having a card, no matter what the reasoning behind the idea. And therein lies another point: just what are they for? The government quickly backed down from the counter-terrorism argument when it was pointed out that it was bollocks, so instead it's been marketed as an easier way to get hold of public services. But I don't believe that for one minute as this government, like others before it and no doubt many others after it as well, proposes these things for one purpose and ends up doing something completely different with them. Like using anti-terrorism laws to restrict peaceful protest or check up on families trying to get their kids into specific schools. Basically, I'd always check a calendar if someone in the government told me today was Wednesday (though in a Bank Holiday week, I always find it useful to check anyway, as you're always a bit disoriented by the Monday off).

Anyway, Manchester, the onus is on you. You're the guinea pig in this and if you do start signing up for this madcap scheme that's already cost us all billions, we're all going to have it inflicted upon us. So please don't.

Next, it's students opening bank accounts that will be offered them. Same goes for you, students. Please don't.

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Vox Populi said...

I do like your blog, very much. There is NOTHING like the common sense of the Brits, in most cases. I have stumbled in here by accident and then began reading and enjoyed it.
Keep up the good show.