Saturday, March 14, 2009

While I'm here...

...and in the mood for some video action, here's a cracking version of a pretty good tune as it was with a suitably stylish video, clipped from Bande A Part.
Nouvelle Vague. Dance With Me.

Poets day

Yes, today I finally get to go and see the legend that is John Cooper Clarke perform live. Having missed him a while back at Holmfirth, it's off to the Lawrence Batley Theatre to see the great man. I know I've gone about him before, but it's a decent excuse for a Saturday video:

That was off the Innes Book Of Records, Neil Innes being another underrated performer by the general populous.

Also on a poetry theme, I see that the poet laureate of Leeds, Mik Artistik, is soon to be playing in sunny Huddersfield on June 10. Quite looking forward to that too and here's why:

Friday, March 06, 2009


Filled the van up a few moments ago and, as I was paying, there was a chap in the shop whining about the current financially straitened times we're experiencing and banging on about how hard it all is. Tip for you mate. Get rid of the AMG SL55 and try something more frugal and less like a dick substitute instead.