Sunday, February 08, 2009

Best shopping list ever

Supermarket shopping, as we all know, is easily identified with Danté's fifth circle of hell. Hence, I rarely subject myself to the misery. However, with the wife laid up with a broken toe, I had to go today. I made it clear I wasn't happy about it and needed a clear and exhaustive list of what we need and, if at all possible, in the order in which I'd go past the relevant items. And so I received this:

which is awesome.
All shopping lists should be like this.

(you may need to click on the picture to enlarge it in order to get the full effect)


rks1910 said...

Is that Sainsbury's at Shorehead?

jerrychicken said...

lol and lol again :)

She really doesn't trust you with money does she ?

So did you buy sweets and beer then ?

John_D said...

It's Morrisons at Waterloo.

And it's not a question of not being trusted with money, just that I hate shopping and need very clear instructions.

Mrs Dobson said...

Can I point out that, in spite of a very clearly labelled route, John chose to miss out the cheese aisle and went UP and DOWN the meat aisle. That's not what the arrows told him to do! So I missed out on my cheese spread and Gruyere/Emmenthal 'depending on which is cheapest'. He also ignored the bits labelled cakey treats, puddings and creamy buns...

He then had the temerity to ask, "What's for pudding?" at least twice in the following week. Men are rubbish food shoppers!

John_D said...

Look, it wasn't my fault. There were... people. Lots of people. Igot flustered