Saturday, December 27, 2008


Been a while. Since July, in fact. A lot's happened since then. Despite wars in Georgia and Congo, John Sergeant being rubbish at dancing dominated the news. Closer to home, the spectre of cancer reared it's ugly head. First the wife of my very best mate succumbed at the age of 37 and, a few days ago, so did my dad. It's a bugger is cancer. Utterly indiscriminate. It made for a sombre christmas round our way.

Anyway, 'appen I'll do a bit more on this in the future. Lord knows, there's enough to wind me up going on all the time. All these adverts offering squillions of percent off certain items in sales. Yes, I know you're desperate. Enough already. Oh, and that NatWest advert offering free advice (so long as you have one of their accounts). "Do you shop around for gas and electricity?" says adviser. "No" comes the response to which she says "well you should". That's not advice. That's bullying.

And to end on a cheery note, here's ex-City man Chris Iwelumo proving that you can take the man out of the Conference, but you can't take the Conference out of the man:

Chris Iwelumo: that's Conference.