Monday, May 26, 2008

Accentuate the positive

I've never been a fan of negative campaigning, which is why Labour's entirely predictable bye-election defeat in Crewe and Nantwich doesn't disappoint me greatly - not as greatly as it probably ought to anyway. They went negative, always a sign of a party in trouble, focusing on the background of the Tory candidate and making a shameful play on immigration rather than anything positive, and paid the price. Having said that, what positives are there for Labour to concern themselves with right now? By contrast, the Conservatives didn't really have to do anything. They're reaping the rewards of a government in serious strife and the malaise could quite easily continue until the next general election when the Conservatives may, again, have to do nothing more than smile sweetly and point out that they're not Labour.
Part of me thinks a term of Conservative rule might not be a bad thing, but it passes after a moment. At some point they'll have to actually put a policy on the table and that's where it will hopefully go wrong for them.

Similarly, Hillary Clinton's campaign for the Democratic nomination is a negative affair. Resorting to the politics of fear and, again, a shameful play of the race card, it's probably time for the party elders to put her out of my misery.

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