Sunday, April 06, 2008

Zimbabwe: What happens next

It's now eight days since Zimbabwe went to the polls in parliamentary and presidential elections. With the opposition MDC having gained control of the lower house, we're still waiting for the presidential results. Can it be, as seems utterly reasonable, that the vote against Mugabe was so overwhelming that even the full weight of his electoral rigging machine can only put him into a close second and engineer a run-off?
So what does happen next? Well, Morgan Tsvangirai - opposition leader - has staked his claim that he is the winner and by a margin sufficient to avoid a run-off. Zanu-PF seem ready to accept a run-off, which to me says that if and when that offer is accepted, the full weight of the vote rigging, ballot stuffing, voter intimidating machine will swing into action, and the recent mobilisation of troops seems to back that theory up.
Worrying times.

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