Friday, April 18, 2008

Stewart Lee

Went to see Stewart Lee at the theatre yesterday and had a jolly good time. He was supported by Henning Venn, who was good but lays on the German stereotyping too much. He's good enough to do without and he's probably well enough known now to do material that doesn't keep referring to the Second World War.
Lee himself isn't a typical stand-up. His delivery is pretty unique and his collaborations with Richard Herring provide a counterpoint to that. On his own, it's something of an acquired taste - fortunately one that I have acquired, hence me enjoying the evening.

Not part of last night's show, but fairly typical:


Anonymous said...

I'm slowly coming to like Stewart Lee, I'm gradually gaining the intelligence to appreciate the dryness and, erm, humour.

I paid with my own money to see him, full price mind, at the Edinburgh Festival last year and I was possibly the only one in the huge tent, which was actually an inverted cow, who wasn't laughing hilariously and literally rolling in the aisles.

I smiled wryly a lot (is that spelled right) but did not laugh during his 80 minute set, but since then I have retold his Tom o'Connor themed diatribe to my brother, all morning it lasted one day, and he thinks its hilarious.

So Stewart Lee must be funny then, its just me.

Louise said...

I was also at Stew's LBT gig and had a fantastic night. I've been a fan for a long time but this was my first time seeing the man live. Well worth the wait. Not only was I laughing so hard I thought something inside me might break, I was the person in the front row who Stew asked to cry into the microphone. I got to see one of my comedy heroes and have 250 people applaud me on the same night ^_^

I really enjoyed Henning Venn too. The routine about the cardigan particularly tickled me.

John_D said...

Louise, you are a superstar. Top crying. Not as good as Tom O'Connor, but what can you do eh?