Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Different home secretary, same old drivel

Having failed miserably to make anything like a case for the extension of detention without charge, Jacqui Smith still won't let it go. Today it's 300 police jobs to target radicalisation. Apparently we can't "arrest our way out", but we can presumably inter our way out.
Figures that Smith keeps leaning on to back up her bizarre stance don't seem to be increasing, but that doesn't matter as she's settled on 42 and no amount of logic or argument will sway her. The threat to Britain, we are told, absolutely requires 42 days. Is the threat really 21 times worse here than in America or 42 times that in Canada? We already have the most draconian and police-friendly rules on this of any nation anywhere.
Frankly, this announcement - putting aside the controversy over the timing, which Chris Huhne has nailed - seems designed to do just one thing: ramp up the fear to try and force a consensus.

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