Saturday, March 01, 2008

Pub signs

Pub signs, like pub names, are great. Indeed, I'd gladly support a motion to ban the changing of pub names and signs, albeit with amendments to alter any changed names/signs back to the original and to set up an approval committee for new pubs. There's one in Hull that really got my goat this week. Formerly the Humber Pilot, it not a nice place. The name refers to a fleet of boats that guide others through the treacherous and very busy Humber shipping lanes. It's now not only been renamed The Pilot, which in itself isn't a massive problem, but the sign has been changed from a boat to a pilot, as in aircraft, riding roughshod over any local reference.

Anyway, in Cambridge this afternoon, I spied this sign. The gayest pub sign in Britain (if not the world)? If you know any better, please fill us in (ooh matron).

(you may need to click on the image and enlarge it to see it in it's full homo-erotic glory)


Elaine Saunders said...

Here here. We should do all we can to retain our old pub signs because they're a pictorial history of Britain in the High Street. Few were named by accident - Hollybush takes us back to Roman times, Lamb & Flag to crusaders and pilgrims and The Kings Arms to the Dissolution of the monasteries. Many names are far older than the pubs themselves and are a unique record of the religious, heroic and often scandalous stories that inspired them. Modern, concocted names will add nothing to this heritage.

Elaine Saunders
Author : A Book About Pub Names

Anonymous said...

I disagree. The Slug and Lettuce will afford future generations a glimpse of the futile battle their ancestors forged betwixt man and arthropod. The wars waged to ensure there was food for all...

Okay, that's a complete lie. Should we, though, allow pub names that DO pinpoint a time in history? The PM's grin? The two jags? The Ecowarrior's Arms?