Friday, February 01, 2008


This week, work took me to Hull. More specifically, I was on Bransholme for a while. As anyone will tell you, that place is a shithole. It has flat roofed pubs (see Jerry Chicken's archives for an explanation). It has serious social problems and horrible concrete prefabbed houses.
It. Is a shithole.
And today I was in Harrogate. I put it to you that Harrogate is also a shithole, but worse than Hull. The thing with Hull is that it's an obvious shithole. Everyone knows it's a shithole. The bigger problem with Harrogate is that it looks like it isn't a shithole and nobody that lives there thinks that it is. It's a middle-class ghetto. It's horrible.
Avoid Harrogate. It's worse than Hull because it won't admit that it's exactly the same.

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