Friday, January 11, 2008

Sub of the day

Subway tell us in their latest adverts that you can have the 'sub of the day' however we wish. How far can you push it? Is it worth attempting to, if the sub of the day is chicken salad, have it with meatballs instead of the chicken and tomato sauce instead of the salad?
The situation reminded my better half of an old Burger King promotion, back when we were students. A bacon double cheeseburger was 5p more than if you got a double cheeseburger with extra bacon. So we'd ask for 'double cheesburger with extra bacon' to which Johnny No-Stars would say 'bacon double cheeseburger?'. We had to make it quite clear what they should ring in the till. We must have cost the company literally tens of pence with that wheeze.


andymurd said...

I'd like the sub of the day without the gut-churning stench of your food polluting the high street, please you tragic capitalist lackey.

John_D said...

You mistake me for someone who has actually fed oneself at Subway