Saturday, January 26, 2008

Spam free

Having quit IT, I've been on a bit of mission to remove my details from various IT recruitment agencies which I've previously registered with and, lo, does a mountain of spam miraculously disappear from my inbox. If I'd known it was so simple, I'd have done it years ago.

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The Big Fat Phony said...

Shouldn't be a problem for me any longer either given "my news". Ah, it feels like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders.

Actually, while I'm on here and discussing this particular point I would like to single out for a special mention someone called [meh I'll leave it] of Huxley Associates who, despite my requests, keeps sending me up to five copies of the same job advert informing me that there are opportunities that I have no interest in and am not qualified for in locations which I have no wish to move to.