Friday, January 18, 2008


On Wednesday, my better half got a copy of the local rag and the front page was adorned with this bloke. I would have aimed the story slightly differently. "Desperate landlord seeks free publicity" would have been my angle. Or maybe "Landlord admits 'we don't have a smoking area'".
He'd previously been on local news with a live link up from his pub in Greetland and he struck me as a bit of a pillock then. This piece does nothing to change my opinion. However, local newspapers being local newspapers, it's been dominating the news round these parts. Yesterday, there was a stand-off as the pub's owners and police attempted to evict him. Today, I drove past the pub while I was on my rounds and a chap was just finishing boarding the place up. And laughed.

My thoughts on the smoking ban are mixed. I don't smoke, so the biggest niggle I have is when out with smokers who all feck off outside at the same time, buggering up the rounds as I'm left inside supping ale. I don't doubt that some pubs have felt a drop-off in trade, but my regular watering hole hasn't. They get by on the general bonhomie of the place (it sure ain't the beer) and that, surely, is the key.


Gary said...

“We will be looking for a new landlord to run the College Arms and would ask that anyone interested call us on 01293 726367 or visit”

A new career for you ?

The BigFatPhony said...

Ah the College. Back again with an ex-regular at the helm. No photos of yer man JohnD in the examiner with half smoked tab ends in his ears I reckon. Just good beer, a no nonsense attitude to yer part time drinkers, the addition of arrers and Sky Sports on all day (apart from when Setanta have sommat decent on). Go on lad - sink yer life savings in - you know it'll work :)

John_D said...

Life savings? Ha. That'll be the day