Friday, January 11, 2008

New clear

Many moons ago, way back when I started this thing, the prospect of new nuclear generators were proposed as a method of filling the gap in the UK's energy requirements. I wrote this in response at the time, and feel the need to reiterate it as we're now told these new plants have got the go-ahead. Nowhere in any of the multitude of pieces written about this have the concerns I raised about CO2 emissions been mentioned. It's as if it's been accepted that it is a zero-emission method of generation when in actual fact it just shifts the problem elsewhere - Australia mainly (though at least Kevin Rudd's new Australian administration has ratified Kyoto, unlike John Howard's bunch of neo-cons).
Plenty of other concerns over waste fuel and decommissioning are raised and raised eloquently all over the papers, but the telling quote of the day comes from the shadow business secretary Alan Duncan who, in the Guardian, is quoted as saying "Our position is, by and large, similar to the government's". That, for me, is indicative of two things.
1 - The general malaise in politics in Britain, given that there is little discernible difference between the two major parties. This should give Nick Clegg - admirable performer in his first PMQ session the other day - and the LibDems room to establish themselves, though we all await
the usual splits and eventual implosion there once again.
2 - Why is the shadow business secretary talking about energy generation and environmental concerns? Cameron can drone on as much as he wants about a new conservativism, but it's just the same old.

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