Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Never break a vow

Many years ago, I had two cars: a Renault 5 and a Peugeot 205. Both were fine, but things do go wrong with cars and both were so randomly put together that simple fixes took ages. Eventually, I made a vow. Never buy another French car. After some other mixed experiences, I widened this to never buy anything that isn't either German, Japanese or Swedish. And that worked. German motors (including ones that were bolted together in Prague) have rarely let me down since.

And then I bought the Peugeot diesel. It's been in the shop for 8 days now and I still won't get it back while tomorrow. The alternator belt broke almost exactly a week ago from time of writing. I knew there were a couple of other niggles - it was leaking oil and one trackrod end needed sorting - so I checked it into the local Peugeot dealers for a proper going over. It's also been spewing diesel, which came as a surprise. And the cylinder head has been back to France for some work. For all the hassle, I could have just gone and got another car. I've not been able to do any work since last Tuesday and I am, frankly, pissed off.

I love France and the French. They don't half make some shonky motors though.


Gary said...

Have I ever told you about the Peugeot 307 estate that I finally gave away last year ?

It was worse than shonky, the 2002 diesel models have a fuel tank that can be corroded by diesel, if you haven't had it changed by now then its too late to do under warranty - and you will need it changing soon.

I gave the car away - couldn't sell it.

John_D said...

Never ever again.
I hereby swear that any future purchases of motor vehicles by me will only be German (including German motors assembled in Spain or the Czech Republic), Japanese or Swedish.
And if I fail to adhere to this, anyone reading this has permission to slap me upside the head.