Friday, December 28, 2007

Post-christmas advertising

The first things advertised after christmas is generally aimed at the new year's resolutioneer market - the partwork magazine. The worst of this year's batch is 'build yourself a Flying Scotsman model'. Obviously, the first issue is dirt cheap, but there are a staggering 124 editions to follow the discounted opener at £6.95 a pop.
Does anybody buy these things? If so, at what stage of the construction of your Egyptian pyramids/full size replica monster truck/model of Bob Dylan's head do you think "fuck me this is turning out to be rather more expensive than I first anticipated" and jack it all in?


Gary said...

The bloke on the tv advert looks like a right smug git though with his £1000 Flying Scotsman model doesn't he ?

He'll get, ooh, ten quid for it on eBay in a few months time.

Neil HFC said...

Not that I look for such mags in the news agents, but I've never noticed one that lasts beyond about issue 5 or 6, let alone 124.