Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The 'other' leadership contest

While Britain was in a frenzy over who'd be leading the third party, South Africans were bracing themselves for a new leader of the ANC this week. Troubled leader Thabo Mbeki lost out to Jacob Zuma. This is worrying. Mbeki's leadership has had it's troubles recently, but nothing Zuma has said and done would appear to change anything.
Mbeki has been recalcitrant in accepting that AIDS is a problem. Zuma, meanwhile, convinced himself he had nothing to worry about after sleeping with a woman he knew to be HIV+ because he showered afterwards. That's hardly progressive.
And all the while thousands of people die every week of AIDS in Africa. This remains Africa's biggest challenge and while everyone looks to South Africa for leadership, the same old will continue to happen - nothing.

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