Saturday, December 01, 2007

Michael McIntyre

There's a comedian who's getting more and more airtime on TV and radio by the name of Michael McIntyre. He's not funny. In fact, he's what Lee and Herring would describe as a lazy comedy slag, insofar as he peddles tired routines about how northerners are a bit slow compared to southerners. While peddling this centuries old material, he falls into the dual trap of thinking there's a single 'northern' accent and fails to grasp the complexities of the glottal stop.
I hope this foray into mainstream media ceases shortly before too much oxygen is wasted.

Meanwhile, in proper comedy news, Mark Watson and Stewart Lee are both playing Huddersfield in the near future and I'm rather looking forward to both.


Gary said...

I saw Stewart Lee at the Edinburgh Festival this year, I pre-booked the ticket, I paid full price for the ticket (something that I didn't do for all of the other 10 shows I saw).

I was underwhelmed by Stewart Lee, he'll probably still be doing the Tom o'Connor routine when you see him, I didn't think it was funny at all.

Everyone else was wetting themselves, people had to leave for oxygen, I managed a smile, thats all.

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