Saturday, December 22, 2007

Man of the year

Time magazine have named their man of the year. It's not immediately obvious if they're taking the piss or not in nominating Vladimir Putin, but that's who it is.
My contacts have managed to find a crumpled up piece of paper in the Time bins with the following names on it, all crossed out.

  • Steve McClaren
  • Sir Ian Blair
  • The entire England cricket team
  • John Darwin
  • The board of Northern Rock
  • Joseph Kabila
  • David Irving
  • Robert Mugabe

The name Putin had a lot of big ticks next to it.

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Neil HFC said...

Heard a bit about that on the radio the day it was announced. According to the Time journo they interviewed its not an award for being "good" in the conventional sense, but a statement on who they thought has had the most impact on the world. IIRC in the past they've given it to Hitler and Stalin (Twice) ,groups of people and in at least one occasion an inanimate object (The Computer in 1982).

After the incidents in Pakistan today you'd have to wonder if they are going to ask for it back and re-award it.