Saturday, November 17, 2007

The other job

As well as the eaga thing, I'm working for York City writing previews and reports - like this - for first team games. It doesn't pay - City still don't have the proverbial pot in which to micturate - but it's expanding my repertoire into football as well as rugby.
The crueller element of my family and acquaintances have suggested that it's not going to be a huge amount of fun and so far they've largely been right, but when Bootham Crescent looks this good on a late autumn/early winter evening, they are so, so wrong.


The missus said...

Bootham Crescent? It looks to me like Bootham is being called towards the light by it's loved ones. To be replaced with the faintly euphemistic KitKat Crescent.

Either that or the beckoning white light is for York City's chances this season...

John_D said...

Weymouth away on Saturday though... I must be fecking mad.