Thursday, November 22, 2007

Dear The Government...

In your TV advert for student grants, you claim that "there has never been more people eligible for grants than there are today". This is patently bollocks. There was a time when university was free. What you probably meant was that there has never been more people eligible for grants now than in any point in the last ten years. This is very different.
Time was we all got grants. University was for the many, not just the adequately wealthy. Odd that a Labour government has done so much to undermine the previous situation. It's almost as if the party abandoned it's roots, abandoned it's principles and abandoned the needy in a shameful pursuit of power. Funny that, don't you think?

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Gary said...

Student Grants ?

Don't get me started...

My eldest now attends Leeds Met, she lives at home. She is "entitled" to £2300 "student grant" per annum which has to be paid back at some point in her ancestors lifetimes, £6900 worth of debt in three years and that is how we aim to keep it.

If she was living in accomodation then she'd be entitled to another £2300 pa to pay for that - the new "Opal" student accomodation blocks off Burley Rd cost £6000 pa - the students who go for that option will leave with £13800 worth of repayable debt in three years time.

So just to recap - these "grants" aren't "grants" in the sense of the word "grants" at all, they are loans.

She would be entitled to "up to" another £2000 in a real non-repayable grant even living at home, if we earned less than a certain amount, can't remember the level of income but its not over-generous.

We applied for this as this year we are (technically) drawing the minimum wage through the business and keeping a dividend payout until the end of the year, technically I could squeeze within the lower limit to claim her a supplementary grant so I'm guessing that the limit is around £35K joint income, but I'd have to prove earnings - I'd get away with it this year but they'd ask for it back next year and she would have already spent it, so we ain't bothering.

Mrs D said...

The irony is that a lot of the politicians in power now got their further education for free, were entitled to claim housing benefit and the dole during holidays and generally had lots of time to devote to, erm, studying.

Talk about pulling the ladder up behind you! And yet their goal is to get more people doing further education! It seems a nonsense to me. The only difference is the lack of school leaver jobs these days, since Thatcher obliterated our manufacturing industry. So rather than be useful and productive you have to pay to delay your entry into the world of work because the government claims it's better for your personal development.


John_D said...

Couldn't agree more Mrs. Bollocks indeed. But....
Thou shalt not mention Thatcher on this blog.