Saturday, October 27, 2007

Like London buses...

Still out of work, but I'm off for an interview on Monday. And on Tuesday, I'll be off to see the lovely folks at York City regarding their vacancy for a matchday reporter. That doesn't pay, unfortunately, but could be amusing. We'll see what happens...

Happy birthday

Just thought I'd point out that today is John Cleese's birthday. He's 68. That's two years older than Menzies Campbell. I trust Cleese will suffer even more derision in the papers for daring to have lived for so long.

Yes I'm still annoyed.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Paul Fox

The Ruts are one of my favourite bands. Malcolm Owen, lead singer, died back in 1980 a mere three years after they hit the big time. Latterly, guitarist Paul Fox put a band together and last Christmas I went to see them at Bradford on Bad Manners' tour. Now Fox has died as well. Little did we know last Christmas that he was suffering from lung cancer. Bloody shame that. He was a charismatic performer, inspired song writer. Still, it's an excuse for a video.

Cheers Paul.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

This is what my car feels like

Honda are renowned for their innovative adverts and, to be fair, that's not usually far from the mark. However, the series of 'choir' adverts is deeply, deeply irritating. Also, it's ripe for a send-up. Which is funny, because someone else thought so too.


There's a film out at the moment called Ratatouille. I know this as I've just seen it advertised on TV. There's a pronunciation guide on there. How patronising is that?

You get what you want

With further regard to Ming's resignation...
A common complaint one hears regarding politics and politicians is that they're all the same. Well, you can't look old - that's been made clear over the last day and a bit. You can't look too young, as William Hague proved. You can't be too fat, too tall, too short, too strong or weak a personality. In short, all politicians are becoming a homogenised blend of one another as they are fashioned into shape not by personal experience, but by an image consultant.
One shouldn't be surprised by this. A trip down any high street in the country will give strong testament to the will of the people of this nation and they all appear to want the same things.

So well done the British public. You'll get your will and we'll all just deal in slightly different shades of grey from now on.

Menzies walks the plank

You've got to love the LibDems, but the resignation of their last two leaders says a lot more about how politics works than serious failings on the part of the party.
Charles Kennedy. A charismatic leader who actually looked electable, forced out after admitting a drink problem. Even if he'd got over the problem, he'd always be tarnished by the image and any time he got up to speak in the Commons would be subjected to childish jeering and, I imagine, lots of seemingly grown men making the drinky-drinky motion.
And, yesterday, Menzies Campbell. A hugely accomplished politician and parliamentarian, he's essentially been forced out because he looks old. He's the same age as Paul McCartney. The important bit should be the 'hugely accomplished politician and parliamentarian' bit rather than the 'he looks old' bit, but that's how it works, sadly.
The party is now after their third leader in the space of 18 months. Lembit Opik is seen as too much of a figure of fun, Mark Oaten and Simon Hughes won't get anywhere after the revelations that emerged after the last leadership race, which leaves Nick Clegg and Vince Cable. Either will do. Both are perfectly suitable for the role, although past history suggests that some skeleton or other will emerge from a closet somewhere and scupper the whole thing. Again.

Monday, October 15, 2007

An important difference

Year. Unit of time equal to the time taken by the earth to complete one orbit of the sun.

Light year. Unit of distance equal to the distance travelled by a photon of light in one of our Earth years.

So one is a unit of time and the other is a unit of distance and if you refer to a light year when attempting to describe a eon or other arbitrary unit of time, I will assume you're an idiot.

Fact of life

A gorilla, or any primate, monkey or ape, drumming will not make me want to buy Cadbury's sickly, horrid, not-particularly-chocolatey chocolate.

A Phil Collins record will not make me want to buy Cadbury's sickly, horrid &c &c.

A gorilla, or any primate etc, drumming along to a Phil Collins record will not make me want to buy Dairy fucking Milk.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Spam merchants

I have an e-mail account which up until a few days ago was completely spam-free. Then I applied for a job through Jobserve and it's now riddled with mails encouraging me to buy cheap pharmaceuticals, enhance my manhood and hand over all my bank details to some relative of a former African dictator.
So if you don't want a huge stack of spam, don't use Jobserve.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

All change

A bit of spring cleaning over the last few days and it's out with the old and in with the new.
Some scrote tried nicking my car. Why anyone would want it is still a mystery. Anyway, they did enough damage in their bungled robbery attempt for my insurers to write it off. So we've got a new motor. Nowt flash. Still a Skoda.
And I jacked my job in yesterday. So I still get paid for the next three months but don't have to go in. Bloody marvellous. Lots to do in the meantime though, not least look for another job. Still, no rush eh?

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

What not to do...

So you're on a bus. You get off by the usual tube station, but.. oh no! It's closed.
What to do?
Well you could turn heel and try to get back on the bus and go to a different tube stop and head to work that way.
But don't!
Because doing that is punishable by death.

Anti-surveillance tactics? If the job was being done properly from the outset, it wouldn't even have been an issue.
The number of times I've left home without something - normally my phone or something to post - and turned on the spot to go back and get it. Could that be construed as an anti-surveillance tactic? Thought not. But then I'm not swarthy. And we don't have the Met patrolling our streets.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Fact of life

There are now officially too many TV channels. Today's launch of Virgin 1 and DivaTV (saw an advert for it yesterday - I don't go seeking these things out, honest) do nothing to relieve the situation.
I reckon I could make do with about a dozen of the many we have at the moment and not notice the others weren't there. Sometimes there is such a thing as too much choice.