Saturday, September 22, 2007

Something happening in France

Apparently there's some kick and clappery occurring in France this month. In homage to the boredom, you can buy the t-shirt visible here. Click on the image to be taken to the shop.
There'll be others when I get round to it as well.

Face it, it's a silly game. Moreover, it stands for everything bad. There was a great piece in the Independent recently, outlining the iniquities of the game. I'd link to it, but the Independent website isn't playing ball. (edit: oh wait. It is now) Essentially, it was a precis of Mike Rylance's excellent 'The Forbidden Game'. And that's just the game in France - nothing about the banning of people from various premises for having the temerity to try a different sport. France, though, was and remains a very good microcosm of the game at large.

It's not just rugby union that's raising my ire. More empty seats in stadia. Ticket prices higher than ever. The gap in wages between the people on the field and those wishing to pay their way in to watch grows ever larger. Football will eat itself.

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