Monday, September 10, 2007

How much quicker is possible?

Asafa Powell can run very fast. He's shaved three one-hundredths of a second off his own 100m world record with a time of 9.74 seconds. That's quite a leap in the context of the record. It gets me wondering though. How much faster is it actually possible to get? Is there an absolute limit to how quick a person can cover 100m and, if so, what is it? Are we close to it?
All these are questions to which I don't have answers, but would be very interested to find out. Whatever the answers, 9.74 seconds is seriously quick. I think my own personal best was about twice that.


Gary said...

I think I could manage 100 metres in 9.74 minutes, not too much of a problem there.

THe Big Fat Phony said...

I've seen you run and I have to say I find your claim that you have managed a sub 20 second 100 metres somewhat difficult to believe.

Anonymous said...

sub 20 sec 100 metres for Mr D ? Have you had knee replacement surgery already or what ?

John Doe said...

Not entirely on point but I have just spent some of my lunch hour explaining to a young guy in the office who Steve Austin was and how cool "The Million Dollar Man" was in its day.

He just smiled sympathetically as if to say "there, there".



John_D said...

FYI - Sub 20s for the 100m was way back in the day when I was nobbut a skinny whelp who had yet to begin smoking, drinking or picking up pathetic knee injuries.