Thursday, September 27, 2007

Colin McRae

Something else that happened while I was away was the tragic death of 1995 World Rally champion Colin McRae in a helicopter crash. Even more tragic was that his young son was killed alongside him.
McRae is known to millions - possibly billions - through the successful computer game franchise, but to remember him only for that would be misguided. The man was a great driver. Suffice to say that were it not for him, Subaru would not enjoy the global sales success they enjoy now.

The below clip just about sums him up. The car is never out of control and is always set up not just for the corner he's attacking, but also the one after. Until it goes a bit wrong as he chases that tiny bit extra that turns nearly men into champions. And even then he almost drags a distinctly second-hand motor to within a whisker of a win. It's his career in a microcosm.

Thanks for the memories Colin.

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