Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I'm not sure if it's an official term, but CBS is the abbreviation I and some of my fellow drones have used for a number of years to define Corporate Bullshit.
Today, we have a new example. Hoisted in our office are a number of pictures with some thoroughly inspiring (no, really) messages about how great the company is. It's one small step from singing the company song every morning. I'm so motivated it's untrue.


Anonymous said...

At my place we've had to fill in a survey for "The best to place to work" which people are bribed to fill it in by the �1 for every completed survery. Skulldugery bastards!

Each survery question answer ranged from Very Poor - Can you guess which answer I gave to every question.

To top it off I'm being forced to go to the CEO Tour event in Birmingham so they can brainwash me with boredom about how "great" things are and how I'm part of the "team". Bastards!

Anonymous said...

The bosses decided we needed "motivational" pictures around the office. Now to their credit they didn't get those ones with the appalling coporatespeak messages underneath, They did get some very nice pictures of various civil engineering projects. They get moved around occasionally, and looked at now and again, but motivate they do not, except in promoting deeply cynical humour within the office.

John_D said...

We had a survey as well. No bribery involved though, which I'm now a bit narked about. It's supposed to be confidential, which a few comrades are sceptical of, but I'm past caring so did it anyway.
It amused me for a few minutes, clicking away at several dozen 'disagree strongly' buttons.

Anonymous said...

Our survey was very confidential.

What building/floor code are you based?

What is your ethnic background ?

Sex ?

How long how you worked for us ?

Age range ?

I don't think they'll figure out that a white male 30ish who's only just started working there, thinks that the company is run by a set of complete tossers.

Oh and we go have Inspirational messages around the building most of them are in the toilets which is appropriate.