Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Catholic church want to kill Africans

That's the only conclusion I can draw from Archbishop Francisco Chimoio's latest bizarre rant. The trouble really comes from the fact that, having been prominent in brokering an end to the civil war in Mozambique 15 years ago, Chimoio is still a highly regarded figure.
One in six people in the country are HIV+. There are around 500 new cases every day. And the story is much the same across the continent. Crackpot theories like this, the South African health minister recommending garlic and beetroot as a cure, Jacob Zuma saying that he showered after sex so was therefore OK and the Gambian president's amazing green herbal potion are all undermining the efforts of experts in the field attempting to stem the tide. I struggle to understand why people would not only not help their fellow man, but go out of their way to cause more harm.

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