Friday, August 31, 2007


In case you'd not heard, there's a new EU treaty to be ratified. Not a constitution, oh dear me no, although it looks very much like the constitution that was previously thrown out. But because it's not quite the same, the promised referendum doesn't apply. Now Keith Vaz, former Europe minister, reckons that although we don't need a referendum, it would be desirable.
I don't agree with the assertion that government shouldn't be afraid of trusting the public with this. The public are morons. The public have made the Daily Mail the biggest selling paper in the country. The public are obsessed by a woman who died as a result of a crash involving no seat belts and a pissed driver who was going far too fast in a Paris tunnel ten years ago.
People are elected to make these decisions on the public's behalf according to the promises made in election manifestos. If I wanted the public's opinion, it'd be about the minutiae of life rather than important decisions over the future of the nation.

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