Wednesday, August 29, 2007


After securing a bronze medal at the World Athletics Championships in Osaka, Britain's Kelly Sotherton railed at silver medallist Lyudmila Blonska as she had previously served a 2-year doping ban.
I hope Ms Sotherton is suitably angered by another high profile medal winner who has recently returned from a ban for doping offences, Christine Ohuruogu, who took gold in the 400m.
But she won't and for why? Ohuruogu is British and we all know that plucky Brits are always at the fault of laboratory difficulties (Linford Christie) or taking the wrong cold medication (Alain Baxter) and are not dirty cheats like what them foreigners who get found out are.


teech said...

Ohuruogu wasn't banned for failing a drugs test. She was banned for missing a drug test. Three times. It's a subtle difference but a difference none the less.

Gary said...

Technically, by missing the drugs tests, she failed.

So there.

I am still campaigning for athletes to be given free rein on all performance enhancing drugs, even being sponsored by their performance enhancing drug company of choice.

The sight of a sprinter completing the 100 metres in 5 seconds then dying at the end when his heart explodes is something that I'd gladly pay a Sky subscription for.