Saturday, July 14, 2007

Thieving gitwizard

A message on the answerphone this morning. Could I call my chosen banking provider's special investigations unit? Of course I could. Some transactions were a bit suspect and they wanted to check them with me. Some thieving gitwizard of a schnorrer has been using a card that purports to be mine down south. "There's a transaction here at Tesco in Lewisham for £50" said the most helpful and pleasant lass on the phone. I don't go to Tesco and I've never been to Lewisham, so that ain't me. There are a few other transactions in that London on occasions that I wasn't there. It amounts to about £110, which I will get back.
The main thing, though, was a transaction at Goldsmith's in London for £3500. It was declined, unsurprising as I don't have that much in the account - memo to the thieving schnorrer, pick on someone who actually has some cash next time - and flagged up on that account. It could quite as easily have been flagged up because shopping at Goldsmith's..??? Give me some credit.
Anyway, all sorted now. Enjoy your completely worthless bit of plastic, you extraordinary turd.

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