Monday, July 09, 2007

Tagged again - 5 things I dig about Jesus

Thanks a bundle to Jerry Chicken for his kind efforts in tagging me with this task; to inform you, dear reader, of five things I dig about Jesus. This is going to be tough.

1 - I really dig the way he's personally responsible for many achievements in film, sport etc, or at least that's the impression one gets from listening to award acceptance speeches. Not for an Oscar winner is it enough to thank the people who have done the work to get the recipient into a position where they might win, oh no. It wasn't the gaffer, best boy or dolly grip - it was someone who died over 2000 years ago. If I remember correctly, that was many years before cinema.

2 - I dig the way he's always portrayed as being very white for a Palestinian. Well, not dig perhaps, more despair.

I'm struggling already, being the godless commie scum that I am.....

3 - I dig the way that nobody in this country would dare name their child 'Jesus', despite it being a perfectly acceptable name. That said, an acquaintance of my sister in-law named her child 'Mohammad' because she thought it was a cool name. So somewhere there's a pasty-white, ginger-haired Irish kid called Mohammad O'Brien.

4 - I dig the way that you can end a lot of conversations by bringing Jesus into it like "Interesting. Now; how would Jesus react to that?" or end sentences with "and that's like Jesus". Obviously this doesn't work with Jehovah's Witnesses. I think Marx is a better bet with that lot. Karl that is, not Groucho. Although now I think about it.....

5 - I dig the way that after his ill-fated fight against Leavander Johnson, Jesus Chávez was encouraged by Johnson's family to continue boxing and not blame himself for Johnson's death. He has fought again - just the once though and that was a loss against Julio Diaz back in February. That's only the fourth loss on his record, but the second in quick succession and his career, while not over, remains in the balance. Boxing's an ugly sport at times and whatever the Johnson family say to appease his conscience, Chávez will always have Leavander Johnson on his mind and that's a terrible burden for anyone to bear.

That was a struggle. I suppose the time-honoured tradition is now to pass it to someone else. Like Gary, I'll just send it to my default person: Asim.

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