Friday, July 20, 2007

Poncy Leeds

Worrying news. There's a 'gourmet chippy' in Leeds. That in itself would be bad enough, but this place is charging £2 a portion for scraps. Bloody scraps! For two quid!
There are rules about fish and chips and one of them is it that it's simple. Another is that it's cheap. And scraps are just that - scraps - and charging for them is a bloody cheek. If it's fish and chips you want, get to a local chippy, not some poncy-arsed rip-off merchants. It's akin to the curry house designed for whitey, with all it's cutlery and tablecloths and subservient waiters. You watch - this fish and chip place will have staff with faux-northern accents to make the clientele thinking they're in proper Yorkshire, something which Leeds is rapidly extricating itself from.
And I bet they don't do cannonballs.


Anonymous said...

Being a southerner I have to ask, "Cannonballs"? - Neil HFC

Anonymous said...

i think John D was refering to Canon and Ball our royality of northern comedy. Rock on!

John_D said...

Cannonball. A battered ball of mushy peas - deep fried.