Monday, July 09, 2007

Dear newspaper/magazine editors

When wishing to describe how someone from that cultural wilderness you call 'the North' says the word 'fucking', just type the word 'fucking'. It is not pronounced 'fooking'. Not now, not ever. Just because you tossers down south can't pronounce 'fucking' as 'fucking' does not mean that we can't.
Facking cants.



Gary said...

Reminds me of Eddie Izzards piece when describing to an american audience how to pronounce the word bastard, not as "bar-staard" as in home counties speak, but BAS-tad with the emphasis on the first three letters, only people in the north can swear proper.

John_D said...

Al Murray does a good bit about the different types of Scottish accent, all exampled with the phrase "y'English bastard". That too is very amusing.