Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Spanish title run-in

There is one game each left in the Primera Liga in Spain. Athletic Bilbao need to get something against Levante at the San Mamés to maintain a record of never having been relegated. It could be that simple, but the permutations are mind-boggling in their complicatedness. Either way, Sunday will be tense.
At the top end, Barcelona and Real Madrid are level on points with Sevilla tucked in 2 behind. Unlike most leagues, goal difference isn't the deciding factor, but the head-to-head record of the team(s) involved and in that, the Madrid monolith holds the upper hand. This is obviously bad. Nobody with any sense wants General Franco's plaything to win. And so, here's a song in support of Barcelona and Sevilla's bid to overtake them:

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