Sunday, June 03, 2007

Shock to the system

A 19-year coma is bad enough. Things are bound to change in that period of time, but when everything you knew is now gone, the established political system, top level alliances even, it's going to be a massive shock.
This story has overtones of Goodbye Lenin in which a party activist in East Berlin lapses into a coma just before the Wall falls. On waking up, her son continues the pretence that everything is as she expects in order to prevent her dying from shock. Good film. Check it out.

To put it into context, flip it round for a second. Imagine you go to bed tonight and wake up in a Communist state. Everything you knew about society and commerce is now wrong. That's going to take some adjustment.
Either way, best wishes to Mr Grzebski. Welcome to 2007.

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