Wednesday, June 27, 2007

He's gone!

Oh happy day

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

TV advert annoyances

Some current issues with TV adverts:

Knock-off Nigel buys knock-off DVDs.
No idea what you're selling with that. Is it knock-off DVDs?

Still struggling with a watering can? No. I've never struggled with a watering can and showing me pictures of someone with less co-ordination than a frog in a blender trying to make a mess of filling up a watering can with a hosepipe will convince me your product is better. See also strimmers.

"I know naffink about loans". So shut up then.

Total first pint refreshment. Just, no. And putting ice in cider is a complete affectation as well. If a drinks company told folk it tastes much better when falling from the roof of a 25-storey building some people would give it a whirl.

I'm sure there are more, but it feels better for having got those off my chest.

Dear pub owners/managers

If you're going to put a pool table in a pub, make sure it's lit so folk can see what they're doing. If you aren't going to light it, just don't bother. It will save everybody's time, money and energy.


Dear Conservative party...

Using the word 'choice' 19 times in the space of half a dozen sentences does not a policy make.


Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Spanish title run-in

There is one game each left in the Primera Liga in Spain. Athletic Bilbao need to get something against Levante at the San Mamés to maintain a record of never having been relegated. It could be that simple, but the permutations are mind-boggling in their complicatedness. Either way, Sunday will be tense.
At the top end, Barcelona and Real Madrid are level on points with Sevilla tucked in 2 behind. Unlike most leagues, goal difference isn't the deciding factor, but the head-to-head record of the team(s) involved and in that, the Madrid monolith holds the upper hand. This is obviously bad. Nobody with any sense wants General Franco's plaything to win. And so, here's a song in support of Barcelona and Sevilla's bid to overtake them:

Dear Vodafone

If you're going to push us all onto 18-month contracts, could you first please ensure that the handsets you offer last more than a year before routinely buggering about - losing signal and not picking it back up again, randomly switching itself off, losing all battery in a matter of seconds from it being indicated as full, for a few examples.


Annoying adverts

Inspired by an online discussion, I thought I'd share the world's most annoying advert with you, accompanied by a critique from Charlie Brooker:

Thursday, June 07, 2007

If they can do it...

If the people who brought you the hideous 'exposé' of Scientology can now bring you news of just how dodgy the Al Yammamah arms deal is - the biggest sale by anyone British of anything - why can't the SFO?

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


This morning: I can persuade Bush on climate change, says one of our prime ministers.
This afternoon: US rejects German G8 climate goal.
Tony Blair is a deluded fool. He's never been able to persuade the Bush regime to do anything. History will surely be a great judge on that. Why he thought that would change now he's off in a few weeks, I have no idea.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Shock to the system

A 19-year coma is bad enough. Things are bound to change in that period of time, but when everything you knew is now gone, the established political system, top level alliances even, it's going to be a massive shock.
This story has overtones of Goodbye Lenin in which a party activist in East Berlin lapses into a coma just before the Wall falls. On waking up, her son continues the pretence that everything is as she expects in order to prevent her dying from shock. Good film. Check it out.

To put it into context, flip it round for a second. Imagine you go to bed tonight and wake up in a Communist state. Everything you knew about society and commerce is now wrong. That's going to take some adjustment.
Either way, best wishes to Mr Grzebski. Welcome to 2007.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Unseen drawbacks to smoking ban

Our legislators have not thought this smoking ban thing through. Over a number of weeks and months, many places - well, pubs - have been going smoke-free, or restricting the areas in which smoking is allowed, in advance of the July 1 cut-off. Some things are obvious and not all, I suggest, are good.

Increased number of amateur drinkers. This is not a good thing. You know the sort. People who go find a table before going to the bar in direct contravention of bar etiquette. People who like chain pubs because you know they'll be the saem no matter what town you're in. People who order Carling for the same reason as per the chain pubs rather than try something which might actually have some flavour. And that's people who already go to pubs. Imagine the numbers of newbies suddenly tempted to try now that their asthma won't play up.
Increased numbers of kids in pubs. Again, not a good thing. The last thing you want when you're out in a country pub is a wailing child nearby and this will only increase post-ban.

Drinking and smoking go together. Simple as that. Relaxing with a fine ale and an exotic cigar is a pastime and while I can live without it, it just won't be the same.