Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Still not equal

The resignation of BP chief executive John Browne wouldn't normally bother me greatly. That he felt the need to lie over aspects of his private life, lies which have prompted his stepping down, does. It also raises questions over what is and isn't in the public interest. The allegations initially raised about Browne misusing company funds to help his former lover - strenuously denied by both Browne and BP, I should add - are. BP is one of Britain's biggest companies and as such is a barometer for the economy. The salacious tittle-tattle that goes along with it, I would suggest are not. Once the misuse of funds allegations are shown to have no legs, that should have been the end of it, but Associated Press seem to have gone after the gossip angle subsequently. By lying, I feel Browne's admitted that sexuality is still important in big business and Associated Press's actions show that it still sells papers and, consequently, there isn't equality.
In terms of the running of the business, it doesn't make much difference. Browne was due to step down soon anyway and his successor was already named and being eased in. This has just accelerated the process.

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