Friday, May 18, 2007

A reason for the apathy?

In a nation where turnouts rarely exceed 45% in any sort of election, you'd think that MPs would be doing all they can to re-enfranchise the electorate and ensure people wish to get involved. Apparently not. MPs would rather shy away from their public, the very people who voted them in. This is the only reason I can think that there was no massive groundswell of opposition to the Private Members Bill which seeks to exempt members of both houses from the Freedom of Information Act.
It was thought to have been defeated last time, but here it is again and opponents have failed by five minutes to talk it out of Parliamentary time, hence it now going to the Lords.
Labour's tacit support for this bill is the most worrisome aspect. This is legislation they introduced and came into effect less than two years ago which they are now seeking to revoke. I cannot think of a single time where a government has sought to so radically alter their own legislation so soon after it has been introduced.
Again, we find ourselves in the strange position of relying on the Lords to chuck out this nonsense of a bill. This time, I'm not so confident that they will.

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