Monday, May 14, 2007

Love thy neighbour

Aborting the idea of having a weekend in the Lakes, we stopped in on Saturday night. With a typically dull TV schedule, we settled upon the 3-hour (or however long it was - could have been days) 'extravaganza' that is the Eurovision Song Contest. I know, I know. I don't need telling and I was perfectly aware of what we were letting ourselves in for.
Twenty-four songs of varying quality followed the excruciating presenting duo and interspersed with Terry Wogan quips and that's fine, as it's kind of what it says on the tin, but it all falls down when the voting begins. Vote for your neighbours is order of the day. It gets very predictable. Here are the votes from Bosnia: 8 for Slovenia, 10 for Macedonia, 12 for Serbia. The votes from Serbia: 8 for Macedonia, 10 for Bosnia, 12 for Slovenia. Cyprus: 12 points for Greece. Only Sweden and Finland survived from Scandinavia, and were duly awarded the big points from their neighbours. It's not a contest any more, just a load of songs and some mutual, neighbourly backslapping.
And I've no idea why I'm bothered by that.


Anonymous said...

love thy neighbour....

.... especially if she's a hot horny, big breasted blonde who gets collects her milk from the doorstep in a revealling nightie and doesn't have a boyfriend

John_D said...

Is yours? If so, where?

Anyway, we today discover that Malta - one of only two countries to vote for the UK and they gave the UK 12 of their 19 points - only voted for the UK in protest at the block voting seen elsewhere. Which is funny.