Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Another season in what everyone's come to know as the Conference (BlueSq Premier next year folks, with a *cough* lucrative TV deal on Setanta) following defeat to Morecambe yesterday. And trip to Wembley either, which I had prematurely been looking forward to. Typical Conference refereeing in both legs hurt us - you could argue for sendings off of Morecambe players in both games, especially Stephen Drench's Harald Schumacher-esque clattering of Clayton Donaldson which left our star man pretty much a passenger for the rest of the game - but not as much as our inability to take our chances. That and giving two uncharacteristically soft goals away.
It hasn't been a bad season though - we're improving year-on-year.
If we're to continue this upward trend, we must retain Billy McEwan as manager and we need to find a replacement for Donaldson now he's gone north of the border. McEwan has a good record in unearthing gems from non-league football or league reserve sides and he needs to do it again. Still, now that Sky no longer have the rights, we may win a televised game at some point in the near future. Which would be nice.


Michael said...

And maybe you might end up making the trip to the might Farsley Celtic!

John_D said...

Massive local derby! Yay!!!